Customer Survey

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Please take a moment to participate in the survey that we have posted. This survey will help us to better serve our customers and community.


Thank you in advance for your support.

Now Hiring!!!

Posted By on September 22, 2016

CalNeva Broadband is in search of Installer/Technician to work in the Gualala-Sea Ranch area.

Installer / Technician needed for Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Telephone services.

Must have valid CA drivers license and a good driving record.

Full time position, regular pay increases, 401K and health insurance available.


Perform underground and aerial cable service installations and disconnects.

Analyze, maintain and repair coaxial drop system, phone wiring and data network equipment and service.

Digging, lifting, climbing and crawling on a regular basis.

Must be comfortable with tight spaces and heights.

Install Cable customer premise equipment while maintaining an accurate and complete inventory of all company issued equipment.

Educate customers about products and services, and present them with service upgrade opportunities.

Perform personal computer software configurations.

Identify defective customer equipment.

Will train the right person.

ONLY clean, hardworking and motivated need apply.

CalNeva Broadband, 38958 Cypress Way, Gualala, Ca. 95445 



CalNeva Broadband (formerly Central Valley Cable)

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    !!New Name, New Look!!

CalNeva Broadband, LLC.

***Formerly Central Valley Cable***

Is the newest name to the Gualala family.

Same Owner,  Same Management

And    “Still your local Link to the World”

Local Technicians,  Local Business Office

TV * Internet * Digital Telephone

From Budget Friendly to Lightning Speed

We have a package for every need!


You Can View Your Account and Recent Activity Online

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Your account is available for you to view on our website. From our home page, click on “Pay Your Bill On-Line”. This tab is located beneath the autum picture. Or you can click on the link “Central Valley Cable Payment Page” located in the column on the right side of the home page. Our secure site allows you to see your statement, and make a payment all in one location.
We also have a monthly recurring Auto Pay system that you can sign up with.
Call for details 707-884-4111


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You never have to wait on the postal service again. When it comes to receiving your monthly bills, it doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process. You can have your bills the minute that they are processed.
CalNeva Broadband can email your statement to you.
CALL FOR DETAILS 707-884-4111


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CalNeva Broadband / Central Valley Cable Customers


Price increase on video packages only are effective

April 1, 2016, and are as follows:


Basic Digital (includes Life-Line channels)         $67.00

Senior Basic (includes Life-Line channels)         $65.00

Life-Line  (channels 02-131)                                   $32.00

Digital Preferred                                                        $10.99

HBO     (8 channels)                                                  $17.99

Cinemax     (4 channels)                                           $14.60

HBO/Max Combo                                                       $25.90

Starz / Encore    (17 channels)                                 $14.95

Showtime / TMC   (12 channels)                             $14.95

No other services/prices are scheduled for changes at this time.

*Customers with bundled packages are not subject to price changes at this time.


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      PACKAGE                   SPEED             ALLOWANCE                               PRICE

ECONOMY   (UP TO)  2MEGX1MEG         15 GIG/MO.        NO DISCOUNT $24.99


SUPER LITE   (UP TO) 4MEGX1.5MEG    30 GIG/MO.                             $44.99

                       CABLE SUB. /$10.00 disc.                                           $34.99


LITE              (UP TO) 6MEGX1.5MEG   60 GIG/MO.                              $54.99

                         CABLE SUB. /$10.00 disc.                                           $44.99


REG-PREM   (UP TO) 10MEGX2MEG     100 GIG/MO.                         $79.99

                         CABLE SUB.   /$10.00 disc.                                  $69.99


ELITE-RES   (UP TO)  15MEGX3MEG          200GIG/MO.                  $89.00

                             CABLE SUB. /$10.00 disc.                                $79.00


ELITE-BUS  (UP TO)  25MEGX3MEG        300GIG/MO.                     $109.00

COMMERCIAL PKG   30MEGX5MEG      UNLIMTED                        $199.99

The Internet is Up! Cable Slasher to Blame for Yesterday’s Outage, Says AT&T

Posted By on September 4, 2015

The Internet is Up! Cable Slasher to Blame for Yesterday’s Outage, Says AT&T


Regular AT&T Internet service is back on for us this morning here in midtown Eureka, after yesterday’s total outage. What about you? Where are you? Are all of your telecommunications functional again?

Meanwhile: The best route to information from AT&T has been through State Sen. Mike McGuire and Assm. Jim Wood, who have apparently been able to get real people on the line. This morning, McGuire tweets that AT&T has changed its tune: Yesterday afternoon, about six hours or more into the outage, it was blaming the failure of its fiber-optic line on a “rock slide” near Ukiah. Today it’s saying that the line was deliberately slashed:


Massive Communication Outage North Coast!!!

Posted By on September 3, 2015

THE INTERNET IS DOWN!!! Massive AT&T Outage Takes Humboldt County Phones, Internet, Etc. Offline

Central Valley Cable has been monitoring this vary large communication outage all afternoon. The outage does not effect only cabled internet service, but also ATT phone lines and some various satellite systems and services as well. You can follow the link below and get the whole story as well as updates.
US National Weather Service Eureka California

Government Organization · 11,013 Likes
EXCEPT FOR Emercency 911, Central Valley Cable services are so far unaffected.

There is a communications outage in parts of northwest California. At the current time, Mendocino County is experiencing trouble with their 911 Emergency phone lines. The County has asked the National Weather Service to relay this message: If you have a 911 emergency and you have a land line phone that works please call 707-459-5336. If you have a cell phone please TEXT to 707-489-2749. If neither method works please go to your local police or fire department for help.


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                                                  New Email Platform to Subscribers

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, a new email platform will go into effect for all Central Valley Cable customers. The current email platform is scheduled to be retired on July 14, 2015.

Your current email address will remain the same Example (  Settings will need to be changed.


Our goal is to continue to provide you with the highest quality of services you are accustomed to.  While the new email will have a brand new look and feel, be assured you will have the access you need to check your email anytime – anywhere that enables you to stay productive.


Please take this time to review what Google services you are currently utilizing as the new email platform includes only traditional email and related services as described below:


  • Webmail interface, POP & IMAP Services
  • 10 GB Total Mail and File Storage
  • File Sharing Capability
  • Calendar/Contact Services


All other Google App features will no longer be available with this email account effective Tuesday, July 14, 2015.