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MARCH 31, 2008

Due to ever increasing operating costs CVC's basic video rate will increase $2 per month effective May 1, 2008. Other rates including installation, premium movie channels, and high speed data will remain the same. The local access fee imposed in Mendocino County will decrease by .40 cents per month to .75 cents. (Mendocino customers only)



The conversion from Analog to Digital is underway. CVC is in the process of finalizing vendors. It's a huge financial undertaking. It's imparative the correct decisions are made and the implementation well planned. The conversion will result in several new channels of digital quality video and audio, high definition tiers, pay per view, and DVR (digita video recorder) availability.


VOIP (digital telephony)

CVC has been testing digital telephone throughout its footprint and expects a phased rollout beginning this year. The result will be the offering of local and long distance phone service at a flat monthy fee.



Like it's counterparts in large urban markets CVC is moving towards offering a bundled (triple play) video, data, and phone service to the community at price points saving hundreds of dollars annually over the existing ala carte pricing. It's been a long-term goal and a long time coming. Your patience and understanding throughout this process has been greatly appreciated.

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