CVC Frequently Asked Questions

| October 5, 2009

CENTRAL VALLEY CABLE TV (CVC) FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions What digital platform is being deployed? Motorola’s H.I.T.S. (head-end in the sky) Platform. Specifically the HITS QT+ platform. The platform was developed to provide small cable systems an affordable digital solution by minimizing the equipment required locally and placing the infrastructure “in the sky”. The […]

CVC Customer Update 9/2009

| October 5, 2009

September 2009 Valued Customer,Video Platform Conversion:  At long last the conversion from Analog to Digital video is at hand. The process has been slowed by plant, economic, equipment and a few remaining contractual issues. Versus any further delays, a schedule is in place and its “full speed ahead”.   Digital box roll-out and billing and head-end […]


| October 2, 2009

CENTRAL VALLEY CABLE IS LAUNCHING DIGITAL TELEVISION!!!  All customers that receive television service through Central Valley Cable will need a converter box to receive channels over 13. When the digital video is launched, any TV that doesn't have a converter box will only be able to receive channel  2 – 13. Information was sent out […]