CVC Customer Update 9/2009

Posted By on October 5, 2009

September 2009

Valued Customer,

Video Platform Conversion:
At long last the conversion from Analog to Digital video is at hand.
The process has been slowed by plant, economic, equipment and a few
remaining contractual issues. Versus any further delays, a schedule is
in place and its “full speed ahead”.   Digital box roll-out and billing
and head-end equipment upgrades will be completed in September with a
go live date occurring in October. The new digital platform allows 10
channels to be “compressed” into the same bandwidth as a single
existing analog channel allowing for several new channels/services to
be launched. Posted
in this CVC Blog is a list of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)
created to help explain the process and a tentative lineup. (Final line
up will change). We expect (may be appropriate here to thank you in
advance for your patience) to accomplish the following in as short a
time as possible while keeping service disruptions to a minimum:

1)    Convert all existing analog channels carried to digital.       
       (as available on the HITS digital platform)

2)    Launch several new channels and services.

3)    Reposition our offerings to provide additional  levels of service at varying     economic price points.

The post conversion offerings will include: (final pricing will be dependent on final contracts)
—   A “lifeline” level of service including approx: 11  Bay Area off-air networks and an analog guide priced at approx. $20/mo.
A digital “basic” level of service which closely matches the current
line-up and pricing for subscribers satisfied with the current
offerings and price levels. (approx 73 channels)–   An expanded digital tier offering an additional 34 channels  for an additional $12 to $15/mo.
A High Definition Tier including the “big four” networks (ABC, NBC,
CBS, & FOX) in High Definition along with several sports , movie,
and other news and entertainment channels. This tier will be launched
with 20 HD channels and grow as more channels become available in HD
—   DVR (Digital Video Recorder) capabilities.
—   Full slate of digital music. (42 channels in all formats) included in the digital offerings.
Expanded premium movie channels. 7 additional channels on the existing
HBO and Cinemax offerings and the launching of Showtime, The Movie
Channel, Starz, & Encore.
—   A full slate of PPV (pay per view) channels (approx:   channels) First run movies, sporting.

from “here to there” involves a number of firsts for our technical and
general and administrative staff. We are confident we’re up to the
challenge and along with your cooperation and patience expect to
accomplish our goals in short order with a minimum of service

           Very Truly Yours,

The Entire Central Valley Cable TV (CVC) Staff

PLEASE NOTE: Cable customers will need to have a converter to continue to receive their signals.

DATES for cable TV customers to pick up their required digital converter:
Gualala Customers  >> 10/5/09  thru  10/9/09
Sea Ranch Customers  >> 10/12/09  thru  10/16/09

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