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The staff at Central Valley Cable is happy to offer this page to our customers and neighbors who are looking for local cable and Internet information. It’s the first step toward getting answers to the services we provide: prices of our services, current projects, future projects & plans of our system, as well as service issues and problems that may be currently effecting certain areas of the system.

If you have any questions or problems with your service, please contact our office at



December 4,2007

Working our way through the system, we are finding alot of strange artifacts in pedestals, vaults, underground and aerial, not to mention the customers that have taken it upon themselves to do their own “quick fix” ideas, that may be of some interest to those of you with questions why the service has not been quite “up to par” lately. We have posted some pictures on this site to share our recent finds.You can view these by clicking on the “Plant Issues???” link in the left column on this page. You can click each pic for more info. This, along with the weather changes and just plain ‘ol “good timing”, we have found ourselves in the situation to do some much needed plant maintenance.We appreciate your patience during this time, and want to assure you that “GREAT THINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY”!!!  Please check back regularly. We will keep you posted on our progress and developments ahead.


You can view our CHANNEL LINEUP and the SERVICES and PRICES by clicking on the link to them in the right column.



We have scheduled plant maintenance on Wednesday and Thursday each week. Please click on the link in the right column to find out where we are this week. We will try to plan this maintenance a few weeks in advance to keep our customers informed of any work going on in their area. If you know of system problems please call our office to inform the staff.

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