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November 2010

To:  All Central Valley Cable TV (CVC TV) Internet Customers,

CVC TV’s Internet bandwidth pipe has been at the same capacity since May of 2009.  Since May 09 there has been  no additional bandwidth available. CVC has had pending applications for bandwidth with AT&T on the Mendocino County side of its operations and with Verizon on the Sonoma County side of its operations for years. It does not appear any bandwidth will be available to CVC TV for some time. (latest word from Verizon is summer 2011 at the earliest and AT&T will not commit to any dates)


Growth in CVC’s Internet subscribership in 2010 has far exceeded our forecasts. To alleviate the demand on its existing bandwidth at peak usage and to position CVC for future growth, continuing the waiting game on AT&T and Verizon is no longer an option. This  summer CVC began planning and is now in the construction stages of building its own microwave bandwidth backhaul link from Santa Rosa to Gualala.  The link will be FCC licensed, with “carrier” grade equipment and have enough capacity to increase CVC’s bandwidth more than 10 fold.


At present the license is in the 30 day public notice window at the FCC, the tower lease agreements have been executed, the equipment has been ordered and contract installation bids have been solicited.  Assuming no licensing hiccups and cooperation from Mother Nature, the link should up and operational within 60 days. (hopefully sooner). Once completed CVC will have the flexibility to offer ever increasing speeds with ever increasing reliability.


Reducing the levels of speeds offered or grandfathering our current subscriber base and  offering only lower speeds to new customers was not considered an acceptable alternative.  Your patience over the upcoming Holidays (as useage peaks) is greatly appreciated.



Very Truly Yours,


The Entire Staff at Central Valley Cable TV

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