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Storms that hit the north coast in California on December 29th & 30th, left Central Valley Cable technicians facing horrible climbing conditions to repair equipment that was struck by lightning. After climbing in the cold rain and winds reaching gusts up to 45 mph, a small part called an LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) was retrieved that was obviously burnt by the strike. The new part was over-nighted via UPS and installed the next day. When the new part was installed, there was more damage then originally seen.

At first, it was thought to be the microwave receiver that had gone out. We ordered one right away to be sent over night (UPS) and the delivery was delayed due to weather conditions. Now it’s Jan. 5, 2011, the new receiver has been installed, and the problem is still persisting. With close examination, Dave Ramsey (CVC Plant Manager) found that the lightning strike put a hole big enough for water/moisture to seep into the copper Wave Guide causing immediate corrosion making analog channels very grainy and many digital
channels pixeling or “One Moment Please” messages in place of video.

At this moment, we are waiting to hear from the contractor that will install the new Wave Guide. We should have an update on the estimated time of repair by tomorrow (Thursday 1/6/11) afternoon. There is a lot that has and will go into the repair of this equipment. Please know that the entire staff at Central Valley Cable is as frustrated as its customers. We appreciate your patience and will be issuing some credits and/or premium channels to compensate  for your service interruption when this issue is resolved.

Please check back or call our office during business hours for an update.
There are still several digital channels working. Try channel 307,342,441. There are more, channel up or down to find them.

Please check out the pictures of the equipment that has come down so far.
Again, thank you for your patience.

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