Backhaul Project Update

Posted By on March 10, 2011


During the past couple of months, CVC has been building a backhaul from Santa Rosa to Mohrhardt tower and then to the tower on Fish Rock Rd. with the intention of adding substantial bandwidth to the area.
The target date of completion was first part of February, but with electronic equipment and weather, a target is just what that is. There has been a considerable amount of man hours and money put into this project, and we are very excited to be reaching the completion soon.
During a recent break in the weather we were able to climb the Mohrhardt tower and as suspected, the radio between Cazadero and Fishrock failed. A replacement radio is on it’s way from Exhalt and during the next break in the weather the radio will be replaced.
The testing on the link between Cazadero and Santa Rosa has been completed and is working well.
Once the new radio is installed, testing will commence on the Cazadero to Fishrock link after which we’ll begin moving portions of the subscriber base over to the new link. We’ll keep you posted on our progress. 


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