Letter to all CVC Data Subscribers

Posted By on March 17, 2011

March 17, 2011

Open Letter to All CVC Data subscribers,

After months of planning, licensing, constructing, and testing, Central Valley Cable TV (CVC) has completed its microwave link from Santa Rosa. The link is designed to carry up to 250 Mbps of Internet traffic and is currently licensed at 100 Mbps.

Prior to completion, CVC had acquired all available bandwidth in Gualala/TSR via T1 lines.

The demands on CVC’s limited capacity due to increasing subscriber levels, increased usage from the existing subscriber base, and our efforts to facilitate those residents and businesses left without Internet in the wake of Esplanade’s service going dark , made it difficult to provide the quality of service you were accustomed to.

Your patience and understanding has been and is greatly appreciated!

CVC is now positioned to match current and future demand for years to come.

We will also be sending an e-mail survey to our customer base regarding future Internet decisions.


Central Valley Cable Management and Staff

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