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TV rates will increase on April 1, 2015

 All Basic and Senior Basic TV subscribers will notice a $5 increase on their monthly bill. As much as consumers want to blame the rate hike on greedy cable companies, it is truely passed down from the greedy programmers in the upper level of the industry. The costs to CVC are substantially more than what has had to be passed on to our customers, and we have done all we can to resist. All of the televison providers are having to raise the cost of service for the same reason. You can read this for yourself online by simply Googling “television rate increases 2015” Satellite companies have raised rates from 3% – 8% this year.

We have had to eliminate some channels, (Comcast Bay Area Sports & Univision) that has prompted the leave of many customers. CVC does not find it more beneficial to super charge all customers, in order to make a few happy.

The costs of these channels, was to be spread across the board to eveyone, and was not offered on an ala cart basis. Until Central Valley Cable is able to absorb the cost, or provide an ala cart alternative, we have opted to not carry the channels at this time, and revisit them in the future.

On a much lighter note, the NFL will no longer be blocking out local games. That means you will be able to watch the entire season on CVC TV.

You can view the bay area networks (FOX<NBC<CBS<ABC) in HD if you have a DVR.  Never miss a move! You do not have to subscribe to the HI-DEF channel package to see these channels.

CVC is always working to improve our services. We appreciate your patience and patronage as we strive to move forward.

Great Thanks!

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