| January 26, 2009

01/27/09  SCHEDULED OUTAGE ON THE SEA RANCH We have planned a scheduled outage on The Sea Ranch on Tueday Jan. 27, 2009.This will effect TV and Internet services. We are installing new equipment related to upgrading the system in preparation for the upcoming changes to the cable and internet. We appologize for the inconvenience this causes, […]


| January 17, 2009

CENTRAL VALLEY CABLE HAS A PLANNED OUTAGE SCHEDULED WEDNESDAY, 01/21/2009. We are doing some upgrading to the the system on Wednesday January 21st, 2009 that will cause some interruption to the TV & Internet Services on The Sea Ranch throughout the day starting at approximately 9am. We hope to have everything back up and running by […]


| June 27, 2008

6/27/08 We have heard back from MCN with news from AT&T. As of 12:30 PM Friday afternoon, the repairs have been complete and our monitoring indicates that the system is working smoothly. We as well as MCN will continue to monitor the system. Please keep in mind that the horrific fires definately play a roll […]


| June 26, 2008

6/26/08 Dear CVC Customers, MCN staff has been trying to work with AT&T internet maintenance for a good part of today trying to resolve the internet problems. Unfortunately, we have had limited response from AT&T in regards to the repair of the circuit. At the end of the day we finally managed to speak to […]

T-1 Issues

| January 21, 2008

January 21st 10:55AM–CVC T-1 Issue: Unfortunately, we have now lost two of the T-1's we use to serve CVC customers. We are contacting at&t to try and find out what the situation is. We will post further updates on this page.

Found underground

| December 1, 2007

Found under Meza Grill

| December 1, 2007

DIY causing Intermittent connection Issues.

| December 1, 2007

Wireless Internet customer DIY. Causing Intermittent connection Issues.

Homemade splitter photo

| December 1, 2007


| November 30, 2007

We have scheduled our planned plant maintenance for every Wednesday & Thursday. This time will be spent sweeping and balancing the system, doing maintenance in the headend, trenching in drops, replacing out-dated equiptment, and preparing the system for upcoming projects.