Massive Communication Outage North Coast!!!

Posted By on September 3, 2015

THE INTERNET IS DOWN!!! Massive AT&T Outage Takes Humboldt County Phones, Internet, Etc. Offline

Central Valley Cable has been monitoring this vary large communication outage all afternoon. The outage does not effect only cabled internet service, but also ATT phone lines and some various satellite systems and services as well. You can follow the link below and get the whole story as well as updates.
US National Weather Service Eureka California

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EXCEPT FOR Emercency 911, Central Valley Cable services are so far unaffected.

There is a communications outage in parts of northwest California. At the current time, Mendocino County is experiencing trouble with their 911 Emergency phone lines. The County has asked the National Weather Service to relay this message: If you have a 911 emergency and you have a land line phone that works please call 707-459-5336. If you have a cell phone please TEXT to 707-489-2749. If neither method works please go to your local police or fire department for help.

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