| March 6, 2017

[redirect url=’https://www.calnevabroadband.org/gualala-braodband‘ sec=’1‘]  Once Again, it’s time to try to keep up with the ever changing rate increases by the channel providers. Although our video rates are increasing, we have chosen to lower the annual increase, taking the bigger hit for the masses. The increase to CalNeva exceeded $5 per subscriber, this year we are […]

Massive Communication Outage North Coast!!!

| September 3, 2015

THE INTERNET IS DOWN!!! Massive AT&T Outage Takes Humboldt County Phones, Internet, Etc. Offline Central Valley Cable has been monitoring this vary large communication outage all afternoon. The outage does not effect only cabled internet service, but also ATT phone lines and some various satellite systems and services as well. You can follow the link below […]